Saturday, July 27, 2013

Keep cool, man!

Summer is here and with a canicule declared for neighbouring cities, things here are all about trying to keep our cool.  Luckily our thick stone walls mean the house is a lot cooler already than some we've stayed in, so with shutters closed, fans on and as few clothes as we can get away with, we're doing OK.

Of course, summer heat also brings thunder storms and this week our electricity connection took a direct hit during a particularly big one.  We heard our internet box frying, but we also lost our telephone, dishwasher and hot water boiler.  We're currently washing dishes with the help of our kettle (again), and hoping a sprinkler in the garden keeps the kids clean.  Parts have been ordered, but it's French summer time where their normal service slows down just a little.

This man is going to help us out though!  He's the face of our new surge protectors (is that what they're called, Gavin?) which will protect our appliances from further prickly lightning attacks.  I certainly feel as though I'm in safe hands!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shiny new downpipes

We've been doing some drainage work in the garden and today Ferblanterie Gessienne finished off the new downpipes for the house and connected then to the drains. They're very shiny, and given the spring weather are already in good use!

Forgive the mess in the garden - we'll be getting some earth soon to fill in the hole where the swimming pool used to be.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Full quota

Today the chickens fully earned their keep by giving us four eggs. Just as well, since we've spent the day building a better fence to keep them in their patch. It turns out that Zella is a bit of an escape artist.

And here's what we made with them (rhubarb and yoghurt cake)!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


 We've been talking about getting chickens since before we were married, but here they finally are!

I think this might be a picture of Zella and Super Hans...

They're impossible to tell apart unless they are all together.  Buttercup has the yellowest legs, Super Hans is the bossiest, the chicken with no name is the reddest and Zella is the other one.

...but it could equally be the chicken with no name.

This weekend my husband is building a fence to keep them out of the garden, since it turns out I really don't like feathers or flapping.  With a phobia of butterflies you might have thought chickens would be a step too far, but it seems I don't always think things through.

One of them rewarded us with an egg this afternoon which was surprisingly freaky.  I know eggs come from chickens, but to have come from one of our chickens is almost a step too far.  Luckily the children are fighting over who gets to eat it.  We have no idea who produced it (although my money is certainly on Super Hans) so we're not sure who gets to claim ownership.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A parcel arrives...

...and inside is some beautiful wallpaper for what-is-now-Ruth's-but-will-become-Elsie's room. It's truly gorgeous wallpaper.  I just hope I have more success at putting it up than my last attempt. And I hope it covers the strange lumps and bumps in the plaster in that room. Luckily my Dad will be here soon and I'm sure he'll be willing to lend a hand! Watch this space.

Oh, we did tell you about Elsie, didn't we? She's the newest arrival here at Twenty Four and the Door.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Door to the playroom

Finally we've cut through the wall - this is the first view of it. There will be a cupboard on the left with a cupboard in the old toilet on the right. The toilet itself has already been moved to the new room.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New door in the kitchen

Actually a whole new doorway. The new playroom for the kids is getting closer... It's finally making good use of the tiny one room studio appartment that came with the house.

The other door to the playroom is already waiting to be revealed behind the wall of the current downstairs toilet. Knocking that down will be a more of a messy job...