Saturday, July 27, 2013

Keep cool, man!

Summer is here and with a canicule declared for neighbouring cities, things here are all about trying to keep our cool.  Luckily our thick stone walls mean the house is a lot cooler already than some we've stayed in, so with shutters closed, fans on and as few clothes as we can get away with, we're doing OK.

Of course, summer heat also brings thunder storms and this week our electricity connection took a direct hit during a particularly big one.  We heard our internet box frying, but we also lost our telephone, dishwasher and hot water boiler.  We're currently washing dishes with the help of our kettle (again), and hoping a sprinkler in the garden keeps the kids clean.  Parts have been ordered, but it's French summer time where their normal service slows down just a little.

This man is going to help us out though!  He's the face of our new surge protectors (is that what they're called, Gavin?) which will protect our appliances from further prickly lightning attacks.  I certainly feel as though I'm in safe hands!

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