Sunday, October 9, 2011

Knock knock

We've now decided to do something about the quarter of the downstairs which was the old studio - it's going to be a new playroom for the kids.

It will have two doors - one from the existing kitchen and one from the hall. As you can see, the existing door into the hall is still there, though rather impressively bricked up with concrete construction blocks.

All this means a bit of reconfiguration in the hall - the existing toilet under the stairs will become a cupboard and what was the old bathroom of the studio will become a new larger downstairs toilet.

The partially demolished old bathroom, which was raised up onto high steps, with lots of walls.

The new shiny toilet is getting there - the plumbing work and demolition of the old bathroom is done now. Next we (meaning the builders and plumbers, by the way) need to do the underfloor heating in here and in the playroom next door, and put up all the plasterboard walls and ceiling.

The pipe going overhead is for the new laundry room upstairs (next project)...

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  1. Q - why is there a dogleg in the waste stack rather than being one straight vertical run? some wierd french norme?

    secondly, why does the rodding eye face the corner? are you going to cut an access panel from next door?