Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out with the old...

Our heating man arrived yesterday to rip out the old boiler and put in the new shiny one. We're doing this in advance of the gas arriving since it's a definitely definitive date this time.

After much ripping and sawing and cutting, and a poop-filled cold-water interruption, the shiny new boiler is in, although the new water tank is not yet there.

The new boiler is a 40 kW Rotex A1 gas monster. It looks better without the insulation (kinda skeletal), but I suppose it needs it's coat for the winter.

In other news, a man arrived in a bright yellow GrDF van insisting that he wasn't from GrDF, but anyway dropped off some road signs promising "on attaque demain". And as I type this, another man has appeared with more signs and looks like he's about to close the road!

Our heating man has also appeared and has dropped off a large water tank (and has rushed off again).

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