Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tool of the week?

This week's nominations for "tool of the week" (steaaddddy.....) are 1: my trusty sledgehammer axe, that saw some action yesterday as well. We're knocking down a bit of old, solidly built kitchen unit made of concrete blocks and plaster. Fantastic - I may have to make demolition a new career choice.

The next nomination is 2: the Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE Rotary Hammer (an "SDS drill" to me) which is another monster and the general winner of the last few weeks' ToTW competition that goes on in my head (if nowhere else). It cuts through concrete like drilling into wood. It's fantastic.

I'm drilling through the measure the relative levels of the floors since the one on this side needs to be insulated, piped up and concreted to extend the underfloor heating into this room. Kerry is concerned about the holes I've cut in the plasterboard. I'm not sure why I needed two... hmm...

But the 3rd nomination, and I think this week's winner, has to be a 16-inch antique metal kebab skewer that went through the hole and cut a small hole on the other side of the plasterboard in the kitchen (the drill was too short). Job done.

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