Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting the thermals ready

Today, GrDF had planned to arrive and dig up our road to connect us to the gas supply. Unfortunately, something has gone horribly wrong with the permissions for this (all the various parties involved are each sure they held up their end), so they phoned yesterday to say that they couldn't go ahead - it could be another few weeks before they obtain the necessary permissions.

Looking at the dial to the right, we're running a little low on fuel for hot water and heating (it was perfectly planned), so I may have to get some more... which is a little inconvenient, since it comes in minimum 500 litre deliveries, and even if the weather was frozen, I'd doubt we'd be able to use that much in the few weeks we have left on fuel.

Maybe I can tap some fuel from somebody else with a long siphon tube and a bucket...

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