Sunday, October 3, 2010

The House

Our house in France

In April 2010 we bought a house in France.

It's one half of a old hotel that's been partially renovated, and so much bigger than we need.  Some people may have been put off by the fact that both the basement and roof leak in the rain, and that half of it has neither electricity nor heating, but we kind of like it.

A lot of the main structural work to transform it to a family home has been done already, and the ground floor has been done up to an acceptable standard, but there remains a lot of work for us to do on both the inside and outside.

Due to our hectic life (we have three small kids and have just acquired two kittens to befriend our grumpy cat), this blog has arrived a little late - but rest assured, aside from moving in, setting up the essentials and replacing the numerous electrical items that packed up weeks after being moved, we haven't done anything yet!  With some major works scheduled for the imminent future, we've started blogging just in time to share some of our adventures in renovation with you.  And if we run out of stuff to tell you, Gav can happily share his collection of assorted power tools with you...for hours and hours...

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