Friday, October 8, 2010

The Truth About Having the Roofers In

While it's all very nice to see Gavin's photos of gas boxes, old lights and random roofing products, I feel, as the person who is here most of the time with the roofers and hole drillers, that I should share some information about the more human side of our restoration work.

We currently have three roofers undertaking work on the top of our house.  One of these only wears shorts, even today, when it's overcast and quite chilly.  The second of these has glasses and is a man and hence our 18 month old shouts "Daddy!" whenever he walks past the kitchen window.  Although I've since taught her to say "man" instead, she won't oblige.  The third is a David Beckham look-a-likey.  That's a plus point for the firm we've chosen, certainly.  I wonder if he was employed in this ex-pat area only for his roofing skills?

Interestingly, the roofers keep themselves to themselves.  They refuse coffee, tea, muffins and biscuits.  And they haven't once used our toilet...

...which is lucky, since Gavin has banned us from shutting the door on it.  My almost-brother-in-law dislodged the handle when he last visited, and it's never been the same since.  In the last few days it's worked itself really loose and yesterday a ban was issued by the man of the house until he can get to the DIY shop to fix it at the weekend.  Allegedly, one could be stuck in there for an entire day!  Ironically, I hardly ever shut the door and have only started doing it since the men came to work on the house.  Now I close it over, only to have it pulled open by the kids at inopportune moments.  And the toilet is overlooked from our balcony, which I guess will soon be the workplace of the roofers since the front of the house looks nearly finished.  The upstairs bathroom has scaffolding across the window, so there's even less chance of privacy there.

I wonder when they'll finish for the day...I'm not sure I can keep my legs crossed for much longer.

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