Monday, October 4, 2010

The Roof

The current roof of the house is in some pretty serious need of renovation.

It's kind-of watertight. Almost.. there are several leaks (we knew this when we bought the property I hasten to add!) and we've arranged for it to be changed.

This should be happening any day now - actually as I write this the roofers are arriving with scaffolding ("echafaudage" is my new favourite French word). Changing the roof in October (even in France) is always a bit risky with the weather - we've been known to have snow in October here - but it's looking like we might just get away with it.

This one was taken by me while dangerously
hanging out of the dormer window.
The sad part for me will be to lose the cute round tiles - but these are the oldest and by the looks of it on the inside, the least watertight. We'll be replacing the whole roof with the normal for the area, more modern roof tiles, in "Rouge NuancĂ©", which I think roughly translates as "dirty red".

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