Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Room with a view

The roofing company, Ferblanterie Gessienne arrived yesterday afternoon and started putting up the scaffolding.

They've actually arrived about a week earlier than planned since the weather looks set fair for the rest of the week. Yesterday the weather was bad and they worked all afternoon putting up the scaffolding in the pouring rain, but now the weather looks good, so they're going for it.

They're working fast! I came home for lunch today expecting some extra scaffolding, and discovered that our house has a whole new and rather splendid view, if you stand in the attic. It's a really nice view of the Jura mountains, and it seems a bit of shame to put the tiles back.

I asked if they could put on a giant window instead of tiles, but, alas, it doesn't sound like the insulating properties are so good. On that side, we're getting extra insulation put in the combs, which should help in the winter. That, together with the stuff we have already on roof should make it nice and cosy.

I'm happy to see that the wood that's holding the roof up (the "charpente") seems in good condition - it's one more to cross off the list of things to worry about at three in the morning!

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